Is Asaram a Godman in disguise?


Asaram Bapu, who had become famous in 90’s in India as a Baba, a Godman and a religious hindu Guru with a huge cult following is in jail along with his son Naryan Swami. Asaram Bapu had been accused in rape of case and taken to Jail.



As per the findings Asaram Bapu’s recent rape may have been one among several rapes he and and his son and followed might have committed with minor girls. No one knows how the rape victims were put to silence. You can imagine a person who got a status of Godman in some of the largely populated and powerful states like Gujurat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and other states in north India.


India is diverse in its culture; it’s a country of great sages, saints and Godheads. Till today people from outside India come to Indian to know, explore about its Vedic culture but the Irony is that in the name of God and religion few corrupt people know how to win the common people’s faith. Mostly people who follow the Babas or so-called religious gurus like Asaram, Rampal, Swami Nithyananda are the blind believers often come from poor class or have superstitious about Babas.


Think of Asaram’s case even though he is Jail, the witnesses to his crime are being assaulted and killed. Till date 9 people have been assaulted out of which 3 have been killed. From this you can now how weak are our judiciary system and how powerful the corrupt people in India are. Kripal singh’s murder and a recovered audio tape tell about how Asaram tried to bribe Kripal singh.


Death cases related to Vyapam also indicate a serious threat against the safety of common people.


 Written By Dipti Prasad

By : | Category : News| Sub Category : India News|Date : July 25,2015

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