Is Hemp Coin (THC) delisting from Bittrex ?

Bittrex exchange keeps on delisting crypto coins which do not perform well in terms of volume. As per their policy they only keep coins which are keen on performing well in terms of volume. This is certain that if the developers and founders are not very active in taking their project towards mass adoption, technological enhancement, new releases than they will be out of game. Bittrex has recently announced delisting Cann and Dope delisting from Bittrex, it is likely that Hemp coin (THC) may delist from their exchange. POT coin was recently delisted from poloneix. Now POT coin may also get delisted in Bittrex. Weed coin lovers should be careful holding such coins which may get delisted. THC and POT coins have All time high of over 6000 Satoshi. Now these are trading at not even 200 Satoshi. My advise to crypto investors mostly the small time traders or holders they should be careful of such coins. 

Company Name : Hemp Coin (THC)| Title : Crypto coin|Date : May 11,2019

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