Is it a sexless marriage that took us apart?

We are married from last 3 years but hardly had we stayed with each other. We both belong to rich off families and there was no dearth of anything in life. I have an export import business and my wife works in a respectable institution. Ours was an arranged marriage and we got engaged 6 months before marriage just to know each other better. During those 6 months we have met each other many times, we constantly got in touch over phone and things really worked well but after marriage things went on differently.  

After marriage my luck shined more and we got new deals, bigger orders from our customers from Europe. I know that just to fulfill the orders I have to work as much as possible. I forgot that I was married recently. I would stay out of home most of the time. There were new branches set up in other locations and I was completely involved into so many things from planning, scheduling to monitoring everything closely. I really did not want any kind of mistake, hence I personally monitored everything. In all these years I travelled a lot, stayed out of home and had no time for my wife and even my parents. 

One day my wife came to pick me up from the airport though I told her send the driver instead. She picked me from the airport; I talked about business, our expansion plans, our new locations, our foreign clients, deals, money and all other things. I was happy to tell her how successful I have become; she listened happily and said you did not ask anything about your wife. I looked at her to ask what was wrong with her, she then shouted at me saying what’s right in this relationship.

She told due to your ambitious business goals you have no time for me. I was really tired at that time and in between getting calls from different offices, when we reached home I just quickly  went to get myself ready for a client meeting. So I can say I was little insensitive towards my wife’s complaints. Later I came from the client meeting and thought of giving time to my wife. I told her that I can understand your concerns but as a businessman’s wife you should be ready to cope up with the situation. She then started saying that it’s almost 3 years and we have hardly had good times with each other and then she told me that if she would know that due to your ambition you will not give time to our marital relationship I had not marry you.

Then she told me that she does not like to live with me anymore, she revealed that her office colleague takes better care of her than me. It was like a blow to my male ego. I was furious knowing that and shouted on her. I said I am doing all that for you and our better future but she answered me saying you are doing it for yourself. I enquired more about her office colleague and I came to know that she has been having an affair with him from sometime and she wants to marry her. 

I was heartbroken to know all that and as suggested by a close friend went for counselling. There I knew that often a sexless marriage ruins relationship. Physical intimacy with the partner is as important as emotional intimacy. I wanted to correct all that and mend the broken relationship but now it seems too late as my wife already filed a divorce.


By : Admin| Category : Confession Page| Date : September 10,2016

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