Is my sexless marriage ruining me from inside?

I am 30 and my wife is 28. We have been married from last 3 years. It was an arranged marriage and it was really a difficult marriage in terms of convincing my parents that she is the one I want to marry. As the girl’s parents and my parents belong to the same city, it was easy to convince that she will be the most suitable girl for me.

The moment I saw her I strongly attracted to her. I decided that she will be the one whom in any case I will marry. From the girl’s parents it was a green signal, they were okay with the marriage. I was having small start-up in my hometown while my educated wife was highly educated and all set to get a government job in my hometown. Ours is a small town while she was brought up in a famous city. Later our parents fixed engagement, it’s called Roka, she was not present in the Roka ceremony, and only our parents were present.

We are all set to marry after 6 months of getting engaged through Roka. During the interval between my roka and marriage we had regularly in contact over phone.  Sometimes I felt she is not interested in marrying me, sometimes I wanted more attention from her and she was not giving that. I had doubts in my find what could be the cause of such uncertain behavior.

One day she told that she is into a relationship with someone and she wanted to marry her but by that time I was in love with her any how I wanted to marry her, I insisted her to break contact with him as we are getting married soon. As it was arranged marriage and she has no dare to go against her family wishes she had no other way except getting married with me.

During the first few months of marriage we had sex more than twice a day for almost few months, she had no problem in physical contacts, then she got pregnant and we have a baby now. Even since we have the baby she is no more interested in sex, it seems like she has become completely asexual. Now the baby is more than a year old and whenever I insist to get physical with her she says no or makes excuses. I also feel that she is still in contact with her ex-lover and misses her.


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