Is Social media bad for relationship?

 Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others are labeled negatively when it comes breaking relationships. As per a report break-ups due to social media are high for those couples who hooked to their habit of socializing on social media sites.

Relationship experts advise couples to stay away from social media sites. New York-based therapist Ian Kerner advised couple to unfriend each other on facebook while if they want a healthy relationship they should delete their facebook accounts.

Social media sites give a quick avenue to get connected to a networked world. People can be friends on social media irrespective of their gender, race, color, religion and even age. We are exposed to different people from near or from far. Someone from a different country can become someone’s best buddy from the other country, someone from a different race or religion or region can get attached strongly with someone from the other. Even people fall in love with someone from their friends on their social media site, they know that it’s all virtual; they have not met each other still they feel for it. When it comes to break-ups it was reported that due to flawed impressions couples draw from their list of recently added friends, their chat messages, likes on their walls or images they post lead to conflicts and even a temporary dent or a permanent separation.

Social media sites or apps may be used as dating sites or apps and unlike dating sites/apps these are free. Even though social media or social networking sites get us connected to a virtual world we have never imagined before there are dangers of misusing the power of social media.


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