Is Web-Work a scam ?

Web-Work started as an Online Digital Marketing platform where people were promised to make money just for watching ads. Web-Work started in line with but with much fanfare. It is a noida based company owned by Mr. Anurag Garg and Mr. Sandesh Verma.  They also have a business portal called


WebWork Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.
LG-B-93B, Sector - 2, Opp. SBI Bank,

Noida-UP, Po Box No. 201301


Their Plans
:-1.5000+15%=5750=10 links daily 10x6=60daily 250 days total 15000
2:-10000+15%=11500= 20 link's daily 20X6=120 daily total 30000
3:-25000+ 15%=28750= 50 link's daily 50X6=300 daily total 75000
4:-50000+15%=57500= 125 links daily 125x6=750daily total 187500

5:-₹100000+15%=115000=300 links daily 300x6=1800 total 450000

Their brand ambassadors are Nawazuddin Siddiqu and Shah Rukh khan who were seen promoting their shopping portal This MLM firm was able to generate 1.5 lakh people within no time. Unfortunately noone knows what happened they stopped paying after a few months, Lot of people who joined late have their money stuck in the process. Those who joined in the beginning were able to make hefty money by bringing downlines.

Now as everyone knows that MLM schemes are mostly money rotation, these schemes usually fail and the company shuts their operation once the incoming money flow stops. It is not legal to do MLM business in India. Collecting money from people in the name of fake services like pay per click plans are just nothing but to mislead people.

Social Trade started such a Digital Marketing platform backed by an MLM plan in the very beginning but they could stretch up to a year and now they have closed their site.

In such ad based revenue sharing everyone does not make money, hence If suppose 5 lakh people joins a company like social trade then only maximum of a few thousands only make good money as they are able to bring downlines into the system, mostly the downlines who join the company lately have a high chance of losing their money.

Now the company’s owner has announced that in February 2016 they will start their operation and the money transaction will be done through bitcoins. When the money transaction will be done through bitcoins the financial information will remain anonymous, hence the Indian government would not trace.

If you join any such MLM please do more research, do your own risk analysis.

Is Web-Work a scam ?

By : Admin| Company Name : Is Web-Work a scam ?| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : January 28,2017

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