Is working on Laptop decrease sperm quality?

 Technology has kept us connected us to internet through devices. Most common connecting devices are laptops and smart phones.

You may hook on to our laptop or smart phone every now and then because you do your office work on your laptop while you stay connected to your friends and family through your smart phone.

But do you know that a Wi-Fi connected laptop can lower your sperm quality and alter its DNA which is responsible for fertility in men. Women are safe here. 

Laptop with Wi-Fi on lap for 4 hours has caused damage to ejaculated sperm. As per the research sperm quality lowered with lack of the ability to swim, even genetic codes (DNA) got altered.

The recent studies by scientists were done with a limited number of sperm sample collected. So to say that the findings are fully correct we need to have further tests on large number of samples.

Before the proof comes to scare laptop users, fertility experts have assured that there is nothing to be panicked as the effect on sperm quality with use of laptop on lap for 4 hours is temporary.

But the heat caused by laptop definitely heats up the body region carrying the testicles. Even there is case where a man burnt his penis after using laptop on his lap for a long time.

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