ISIS chemical weapon attack

As per recent reports ISIS has adopted new ideas of mass destruction. As per UK’s intelligence wing they have plans to attack through Mustard gas as well as they are more into biological as well as chemical warfare. ISIS jihadists have almost destroyed the peace in Iraq and Syria forcing millions of Syrians flee their own country.


ISIS knew how to wage war against their opponents with the help of birds and chickens laced with detonator.


Peshmerga forces in Iraq were attacked with chlorine gases recently. Now the Kurdish authorities have confirmed the same that ISIS Jihadists have several unique suicide-bombing attack strategies with the help of chemical weapons.



As per 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention Chlorine should not be used in chemical weapons as Chlorine is highly dangerous and can cause the damage of lungs instantly.



By : | Category : News| Sub Category : International News|Date : September 10,2015

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