J. Jayalalitha Horoscope

Ms. Jayalalithaa died on 5th December 2016 due to cardiac arrest. On September 22, Jayalalithaa was hospitalized as she was suffering from fever and dehydration and she had been going through hearth ailments from the past.

Jayalalithaa was the 11th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 19th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She was a Tamil super star before venturing into politics. She had got huge success in both Tamil Film Industry and in the politics of Tamil Nadu.

Analysis of her horoscope

As per sources from internet she was born in February 24 1948, time of Birth 2.34 PM in Chennai. 

Her Ascd or Lagna is Gemini with Lagna lord mercury and 3rd lord Sun in the 9th house. It forms Budhaditya Yoga. Lagna lord mercury is retrograde and close proximity to Sun (the 3rd lord – 8th from 8th), it receives Rasi aspect of Saturn the 8th and 9th lord and Sign aspect of Mars, 6th and 11th lord. You can see how the Lagna receives so many aspects as well as occupies Sun and Mercury. That is the reason she received so much fame and at the same time the Lagna is afflicted by Saturn and Mars which gave her health related issues.

Now the 8th house lord of longevity is in the 2nd house which is a maraca house. While Sun which signifies father is 8th from 8th lord due to which his father died when she was only 2 year old.

Jupiter the 7th lord is in 7th being in Sagittarius. Even though Jupiter is fortified it is also a maraka and having Kendradhipati Dosh. During Jupiter Dasha she started having health issues. Jupiter signifies fat, and heart as the body part. She succumbed to cardiac arrest. 7th house signifies public and public fame too; she has always been in limelight as an actress and later as the top politician of the state.

Her 5th lord is extraordinarily fortified. Venus the 5th lord is in the 10th house of career and fame due to career. Venus, a kingly planet in 10th house made her successful as an actress and Politician. 5th house is creativity, cinema, authority, power. She got everything that 5th house denotes while the aspect of 11th lord Mars on 10th house and 5th lord venus was superb for gain as an actress and a politician but the 8th aspect of Mars to Venus was never good for marriage, love and relationship. Mars and Saturn are the first degree malefics to cause separation, break-up, divorce etc, when any on it aspect or conjoin Venus, the planet of relationship causes issues related to long-term relationship.

Saturn in the 2nd house also prevented her in having a family out of marriage.

“Having said all that I would like to say every person is destined to live a certain life as per their past and present life karma and ultimately no one is forever”.


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