Jacqueline Fernandez's horoscope

Jacqueline Fernandez's horoscope

Sunday, June 2, 1985
12:00:00(TZ: +5.5), DST: None
Colombo ,LK
Longitude:79e50, Latitude:6n55

Birth Data Type: Dirty Data

Jacqueline Fernandez is born in Leo Ascendant, Due to her Leo Lagna she has natural affinity towards film industry, glamour and eventually she has become a famous Bollywood celebrity who has worked with Super star Salman Khan in blockbuster movies such as Kick and Race-3.

She was also in lead role in several box office hits like Murder-2, Housefull-2, Housefull-3 and Baaghi 2.


Pic credit : Bollywood Hungama

Lagna lord sun in 10th house with Mercury creates Budh Aditya Yoga, A great planetary combination of massive fame and wealth. 

3rd house in her horoscope has Saturn and Ketu.

4th house has debilitated moon

6th house has nicha (debilitated) Jupiter.

9th house in her horoscope has Venus and Rahu, Venus and Rahu combination bestows great success in Cinema and Glamour industry.

11th house has mars.
12th lord moon is in 4th house.

4th lord mars is in 11th house.

10th lord in in 9th house with Rahu.

5th lord and 8th lord Jupiter is in 6th house. 

2nd lord and 11th lord mercury is with lagna lord in 10th house.

All these great planetary combinations have made her a very successful Hindi Film actress though she was an Sri Lankan actor and model but due to a strong horoscope she shined in Bollywood.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi ( diptiprasadpadhi@gmail.com)



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