Jai Ho Movie Review

Cast: Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Tabu, Sana Khan, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Nadira Babbar,Ashmit patel

Message of the movie : If someone helps you or shows kindness dont say thanks rather pass on this act of generosity to 3 others during the time when they need your help. This way the act of kindness will be multiplied and the world will change into a heavenly place. Good message but I remember it was partially borrowed from the fater of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. If you have read his autobiography you may know better. Gandhi ji once suggested that every human being should help atlest one human being so that the country will not have helpless people.

In the beginning it was a bit slow but as the movie progressed it was wonderful to watch, Message that this movie gives  undoubtedly seems ordinary but if applied in real sense it can change the whole world,

2ndly Salman khan is known for his persona and larger than life character, Though he was an ex-army man in this movie his character was larger than life, and yes action sequences are just amazing with salman's tiger punches ,roars and rips.

Daisy Shah was gud in dance sequences and she needs more improvement in her acting skills, Thoug she did not have much screen presence still made an impact with her beauty and charm. Salman as expected steals the show. He in the climax seems like a massiha of the aam aadmi

Tabu who plays the character of salman's sister carries herslef well and leaves a stong impression. Danny who plays a powerful politician played his role with ease. Tabu and Danny are the Veterans of the film Industry, hence it was expected out of them.

If you are a die-hard Salman Khan Fan you must watch it ! One more thing those who have seen Stalin a Telgu movie may find Jai Ho much similar to it.

This movie indeed shows the agony of the aam aadmi, If you are not a common Man than Jai Ho is not for you, People who have empathetic towards the pain, suffering of the common masses may well connect to the theme and messages of this movie.

This is a review from my side, If you need me to narrate the entire story, screen play and dailouges please feel free to call me.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : January 26,2014

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