Jaimini astrology

Jaimini astrology is one of the ancient systems of Vedic astrology which has been alive since thousands of years. As K.N Rao mentions astrology as a very complex science of sciences I would like to say the Jaimini system is so much simplified by Rishi ( sage) Jaimini that a student of astrology can understand it easily.

When you are a novice in Jaimini astrology just stick to the techniques explained in the sutra. When you feel that you have got some confident predicting through Jaimini astrology you can also relate it with the Parasara astrology where we have different dasha system, yogas, aspects etc.

In Jaimini astrology Karakas plays an important role.

Atma Karaka : The main significator in your birth chart. Your personality will greatly be influenced by your Atma Karaka.

Amtya Karaka : Your authority, employer. Career related decisions can be predicted with its help

Bhatri Karaka :  Father and co-borns

Matri Karaka : Mother, vehicle, property, Land

Putra Karaka : Progeny,love, romance, Speculation, intelligence

Ghanti Karaka :  Strife, crisis, diseases and even death

Dara Karaka : spouse, relationship, trade

By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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