Jeff Henderson's United Games is nothing less than a scam

Another MLM Ponzy called United Games  where affiliates bring affiliates and getting richer making thousands poorer, Irony is that those who registered with United Games had to fill their registration form where they had to save their debit/credit card details but later it was found that their card details were saved and no edit/deletion option was given to people who registered but not interested to be affiliates. In my case my money was deducted without any notice, then I chased them for almost a month and got the same reply that they voided my transaction and gave me back the money into my account. I never received that money in my bank account,

they asked me to show my bank statement and I showed it. They told me the international transactions may take a month. I waited for more than a month, I had several mail communications. I am not worried about the loss of the small sum of money but I am worried about this shady company playing with people's money, moreover I am really worried about those leaders who promoted this scam program.

Never trust such a company which has no business ethics, this is a pure scam company. Anyone going to join as an affiliate or become a paid member with them should be cautious.


Jeff Henderson

United Games Marketing Review: A big Scam





Jeff Henderson's United Games is nothing less than a scam

By : Admin| Company Name : Jeff Henderson| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : January 20,2017

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