Johnny Depp birth chart

 Johnny Depp is one of a finest actor in Hollywood with a lot of commercially successful movies. His role of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean film series has been critically acclaimed and he shot to fame as a commercially successful actor in Hollywood from his Jack Sparrow fame. He has got many film awards to his credit.

Johnny Depp was born in born June 9, 1963. During his childhood Johnny Depp and has siblings changed house 20 times. He was great with guitar. During his teen it’s reported in wiki that he indulged in drugs.

He is a successful actor, director, musician and this is a fact while when we see at his personal life we can see that he was divorced from his wife, has relationship issues, affairs and break-ups. 

Married Lori Anne Allison from December 20, 1983, they divorced in 1985. Engaged to Jennifer Greyand Sherilyn Fenn, proposed Winona Ryder, had relation with Kate Moss. Finally seemed to have found a life time partner Vanessa Paradis whom he married and has two kids from the marriage. But the marriage ended in divorce after a couple of years.

Later he dated Amber Heard and sooner he was accused of verbal and physical violence. There was a court settlement with her where Amber Heard was supposed to receive $7 million.

Depp ran into legal problems on and off. In 1989 he was arrested for assaulting a security guard. He was arrested in 1999 and 2012 for different cases.

Now coming to his horoscope let me make an analysis which can connect to his life events.

His Ascendant lord is in 6th house with Ketu. 7th house has Saturn in its own house. 9th house has Jupiter in its own sign. 11th house has Sun mercury and Venus. 12th house has Rahu and 2nd house has Mars.

First of all the Lagna or ascendant was hemmed between Malefic Rahu and Mars and 12th house Rahu. This signified bondage yoga. Rahu is a karaka of imprisonment, poison, and hallucination, placed in 12th house Rahu created trouble with the law. 12th house is imprisonment, hospital, mental asylum, foreign places, solitude, ashram, sleep, bed-pleasure, meditation. Mostly when a horoscope has 12th house signification, in the younger age they might have difficult addictions but as they grow up they become mature and draw towards meditation, spirituality as 12th house is the house of final emancipation. During Mars Dasha and Rahu Sub-Dasha he was arrested for the first time probably after 9th Feb 1989. He was arrested for the 2nd time during the major period of Rahu and the sub-period of Jupiter (6th and 9th lord).

3rd arrest took place during Rahu-moon. Moon happens to be the lagna lord who is placed in 6th house with Ketu, the lagna itself forms captivity yoga. 6th house is a house of conflict. 

Now if we talk about his married life issues, conflicts in love or relationship issues we can see here that Saturn is both 7th lord and 8th lord placed in the 7th house. Saturn being in the 7th house delays marriage and as this Saturn is also 8th lord it caused separation. Saturn being a malefic is not very good in the 7th house while Saturn’s placement in the 7th house may indicate a partner who may be serious, disciplined, righteous, mature in thought process and hardworking.

Now in D-9 Lagna has Ketu in it while the 7th house has rahu and mars. While Saturn aspects the 7th house. This planetary configuration is more than enough to create all kind of relationship problems.

Now when it comes to Johnny Depp’s fame, I look at the AL where Mercury, SUN and Venus are placed. AL lord Venus is in its own sign. 

His natal 5th lord and 10th lord are in 2nd house which indicates money and worldly success in profession from entertainment. 


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