K J Geroge's remark on recent rape of a Bangalore girl

A recent gang rape of a 22 year old girl working in a BPO questioned about security of women in Bangalore known as IT hub of India. The heinous crime was committed by the driver and cleaner of the van which gave her a lift and later raped her in a deserted place.



This rape case attracted media intervention as well as intervention from National commission ofwomen when Karnataka home minster, K J Geroge denied it as gang rape as only two persons were involved. As per K J George 2 persons raping a woman may not be called as Gang rape. His controversial statement created a controversy giving ground to media debates. Further to this the National commission of women issues a notice seeking immediate explanation.

Eventually the home minister K J Geroge expressed sorry over his earlier statement. Opposition BJP termed K J Geroge’s statement as insensitive.

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