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Rajinikanth 's Kabali is released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi this Friday and created hysteric waves across Rajini’s fans. Kabali is a much awaited movie for his fans; they know how big their star is. In south India Rajinikanth is treated like a messiah of the masses, there are temples in his name; he is a living GOD in India.

Rajinikanth is larger than life, his charisma is mysterious. To weave the spell of his charismatic style he has come up with Kabali this time on 22nd of July.  Though 22nd July was not declared as an official holiday in India but in most parts of southern India, many private organizations declared it as a holiday, even companies gave Kabali’s movie tickets to their employees and made sure they make it a special team event for themselves.


Having said that we all know that Rajinikanth needs no introduction, He is one of the highest paid Asian actor, the way he delivers dialogues, the way he delivers kicks and punches, his appearance, his screen presence, everything about him is very unique, hence even directors, script writers do not bother much about the story, plots for his movies.

This 70 year megastar who has donated most his wealth towards charity lives a simple life while he has got so much of fame that sometimes he seems like a mystery man.

When it comes to Kabali, the story of it has been designed and developed keeping into consideration the kind of a star he is, He playes a don in Kabali, he lives in Malaysia and he has strong contenders, he has a reason to live, he has a reason to hold the power which is much more powerful than the law of the land, he knows the objective of his power and he knows when to use it.

Before the movie got even released it already collected more than 200 crore. Is not it Rajini Power?

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