Kangana Ranautís real age revealed

 Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut controversy is still fresh and she might not have come of it while in a recent report says that Kangana celebrated her 29th birthday while her passport revealed her real  age, as per the passport she has completed the 30th year of her life.

Now the question comes has she deliberately did it to just pass on a message that she has not yet crossed 30. Mostly it seems like a human psychological impact when we reach 30s. People most of the time get scared when they reach 30, they feel like they are in the beginning of their middle age. This happens with perhaps everyone. You may come across several example where they talk about 30 as a bad year as its brings the middle age into being but most people forget that when one reaches 30 their maturity increases and they become more able, composed.

The logic behind why Kangana hides a year seems little strange.

Kangana is a busy bee and she has just completed Rangoon, her upcoming movie. She is full of talents and she would be having a successful year for sure.

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