Katherine Jones revealed about asiadigicoin, ADCN scammers

One of an ADCN investors who lost money in ADCN, asiadigiocin scam wrote the below for the key scammer's of asiagidigicoin scam, Kartike Kanwar, Abhishek Bhandari and Amit Jaiswal
Here what she wrote,

Kartike, Abhishek, Amit all are fraud. I invested $1000 and was told that I will get 8% return every month for 25 month. Got nothing after 1 withdrawal. They say i can cancel in 30 days, i wrote to them, but they deleted my mail from support inbox. Thanks God I had screenshot to prove it in court.

Then they asked me to boost my account, i did it again with $200. They said after booster, i can withdraw. Now after $200 they are asking me to bring in 2 new members. My blood boils now. I went in to supreme court website & registered a case online. My hearing is soon, got a letter from Supreme court. Request you all to file an online case against these scammers and pull them down, it hardly costed me Rs 60, i paid online with my debit card and i didnt have to go anywhere even for hearings and court proceedings. I was told that i will just need to be present once these scammers are presented infront of the court judge. No case fee or advocate fee. Good that our Govt has an option to f**k these criminals

Here is the link to register a case in supreme court online - http://sc-efiling.nic.in/sc-efiling/login.jspà


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