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 Katrina Kaif, one of a leading Bollywood actress and a well-established model. She has beauty, charm and success as a model initially and later she became a film star. Let us see astrologically what planets took her to choose a career of Modeling and acting in Hindi films.

After searching the web for a while about her correct birth details I considered her birth place as Hong Kong and birth time as 6.19 PM and she was born on 16th July 1984. Her Lagna or ascendant is Sagittarius while her moon is placed in the 3rd house of siblings, communication, performing art, courage. Moon is placed in Aquarius, an airy sign which deals with originality, intellectual endeavors, and independence. Moon is fame giver and is not afflicted by any malefic planets. Moon which governs mind is placed in the house of communication and success in performing art. She might have it in her mind to get into the field of performing art from the beginning. Jupiter is retrograde and in its own sign gives her a very calm and composed mannerism with serene beauty. Jupiter is a planet of fortune and placed in 1st house made her fortunate. Jupiter is growth and expansion placed in lagna gave her a tall stature. Jupiter is retrograde in its own house may signifies break in education and interest in other religion. Jupiter which signifies father or fatherly figure may tell about her father which belongs to a different religion.  Jupiter is placed in the 1st house being the lord of the 1st house which promised strong luck even if Jupiter is retrograde. Lagna always signifies a person’s personality, appearance; self when the ascendant lord is placed in the same house it amplifies the house and strengthens its position. It’s like attracting the whole world’s attention towards the person. In simpler sense it gives grand fame. From 1st house Jupiter aspects the 5th house of romance, fame, entertainment, speculation, progeny. 7th house of public, public fame, partners, business, relationship, marriage and 9th house of fortune, religion, foreign travel or long distance travel abroad on religious purpose, higher learning, philosophy. As retrograde Jupiter aspects these house of 5th (unconventional romance), 7th (unconventional marriage, partners from far and different from her religion, nation) and 9th house (inclination towards other religions, charitable stuff). Her Jupiter dasa started from 2000 which shaped her career. From 2016 she will have Saturn dasa. Also interestingly her ascendant is rules by Venus, the significator of art, film, and modeling.  She has seven siblings’ six sisters and one brother. Moon being a female planet tells about it while the lord of 3rd house exalted in Saturn in 11th house of gain with Mars the 5th and 12th lord in the sign Libra, an even sign tells about her many siblings, huge social network and also a fulfilling or active romantic life.   Katrina Kaif has Rahu and Ketu at 6th-12th Axis. Rahu is a materialistic planet. In 6th house of Health, disease, health care, enemy, routine job, service. Rahu also deals with obsession. 12th house ketu is good for spiritual development. Ketu in 12th house loves seclusion, meditation, and subconscious thoughts, dreams. This axis may give her compassion towards the ill, poor, people who suffered losses in their life not necessarily loss of money. Strong 6th house rahu wins over his/her enemy eventually but 6th house rahu may have powerful enemies.  Now look at three major planets such as Venus (Art, beauty, luxury, money) is placed in Cancer with Sun (father, religion, kingly status, and vital energy) and Mercury (speech, language, writing, intellect, communication of all forms) present in the house of 8th ( death, longevity, other people’s money and resources, loan and insurance, occult, deeper research, transformation, sudden changes, secrets, everything that is mysterious and under the earth comes under the domain of 8th house, 8th house is also about taboos such as sex, death etc.)  Venus in 8th house is a good placement of Venus which may make a person very mysterious or a larger than life person. 8th house Venus gives all the luxury and comfort through other people’s money such as life partner or business partners. A film star makes money by entertaining masses with their acting skill, screen persona while with mercury it signifies writing secret codes, writing about hidden resources, secret knowledge, metaphysical things or occult sciences). Sun in the same 8th house here may tell about father as a mysterious man in her life. Sun represent father and 8th house is also separation or hidden from presence of her life.  Mars and Saturn are placed in her 11th house of gain with their placement in the sign of Libra which is the exaltation sign of Saturn will give her a balanced nature with calm demeanor. Interestingly Saturn is also the lord of 2nd house of money earned by self-effort as well as 3rd house of courage and siblings, intellect, communication. In simpler term she will never have dearth of money. Generally Saturn is a planet of responsibility and conservative planet, hence people having strong Saturn builds wealth slowly and gradually and become wealthy over time. They also know the balance between saving and spending.  Her Arudha Lagna is Virgo. Mars and Saturn are in 2nd from Arudha Lagna. Note that Arudha Lagna is the mirror image of Lagna, from Arudha Lagna we know about what the world perceives about the person. Ketu, a malefic planet is 3rd from the Arudha Lagna means she must be very courageous as person. Rahu is 9th from Arudha Lagna is a Raja Yoga. It signifies material fortune through long distance travel, confidant to the king, trusted advisor of the govt or king; through performance in films (9th house is 5th from 5th and 5th house represent entertainment). Interestingly she has three first grade benefic such as Sun, mercury and Venus in 11th from Arudha Lagna which confers uninterrupted gain from good sources signified by the planets placed in the 11th from Arudha. Sun (Money from the king or authority). When I say king or authority it means someone who is an employer and pays money for the work done ), Venus ( through art, films, modeling, selling luxury items, clothes, perfumes, acting etc. ) while mercury ( through communication). You may easily notice in the horoscope of any established actor or actress how mercury and Venus support each other. Either you may find a conjunction between them or an aspect to each other or in each other’s house or Star.  12th house from Arudha Lagna is also aspected by Mars and Saturn which means expenses will incur as per what Mars and Saturn signifies.  Her Atmakarka is mercury having occupied the highest degrees and is placed in the Capricorn Navamha. So Capricorn is the Karakamsha. Placing the Karakamsha in the birth chart and counting from there in we find an interesting placement of planets those support success in film industry and modeling, popularity and fame. From Karakamsha rahu is in 5th while Venus, mercury and Sun in 7th house of fame, limelight and exposure to fame while Mars and exalted Saturn in 10th from Karakamsha. 5th, 7th and 10th from Karakamsha and Arudha Lagna tells about Popularity or fame.  Arudha Lagna and upapada fall in the same sign which is virgo. Upapada tells about the longevity and as both Upapada and Arudha lagna fall in the same house may tell about love marriage. 2nd from upapada has Mars and Saturn two great malefics. As per the sutra melefics in or 2nd from the upapada curtails the longevity of marriage but we see Jupiter’s Jaimini aspect to the upapada lagna as well as Arudha Lagna may minimize the malefic effect.  This is a short analysis from my side. Please note that this horoscope is analyzed for educational purpose only and I hereby disclaim that I do not take any guarantee or warranty of accuracy of the findings put forth in the article.  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