Kejriwal says on Delhi minor rape cases

Recent rape case of two minors outraged Kejriwal so much that he called a press conference to say that what happened in Delhi is heinous and he said Rapists over 15 should be tried.

Two of the teenagers who alleged raped the minor are arrested. Kejriwal further said he is looking forward to setting up a panel to decide upon the possibilities of life imprisonment to death sentence in connection to minor rapes.

He further says the law and order situation in Delhi has not improved from the past as criminals have no fear of law, they know that they can easily escape and nothing would happen.

He also talked about government allocation of funds to increase fast track courts in order to deliver speedy justice.

He also requested the present government to hand over the law and order control to the city government for smooth functioning. He urged at least they should hand over the control for a year.

He further remarked that we will not allow prime minister Narendra Modi to sleep peacefully until proper safety for women and children in Delhi  is ensured.

By : | Category : News| Sub Category : India News|Date : October 21,2015

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