Key scammers of The Ads Team scam

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 1.Najam UL Hassan (

2. Muhammad Azam:

3. Muhammad Imran :


The above owners started The Ads Team in 2016 with a high promise of paying 120% ROI and they have had a robust Referral structure. Now it’s Oct’ 2017 and they have stopped paying. I feel sad about those who lost money in this ad-based revenue share program but in these programs, I don’t know how many of investors are aware that such programs do not run for lifetime. In such programs admins and commission mongers earn good money and exit long before such scams happen. Mostly in these programs admins are as guilty as scammers.

Topmost revshares like Traffic monsoon and MyPayingAd ( MPA) did not sustain and scammed eventually. Uday Nara who was once considered as messiah of Revshare industry became the topmost scammer.

My candid advises to all those who enter such programs, be smart in knowing when to enter and when to exit. Mostly these programs run internationally, if they scam, you can’t even catch them. Most Revshare programs or online revenue earning programs are scam. So be wise in taking a risk with your hard-earned money.

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By : Admin| Company Name : Key scammers of The Ads Team scam| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : October 22,2017

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