Ki & Ka has many shades and colors

Recently when Arjun Kapoor called Kareena Kapoor Khan during an odd hour past midnight he was warned by Saif Ali Khan, Saif taught him some lesson of decency, He politely said he knows that Arjun must have called Kareena on account of some work but work can wait for the next day, He reminded that calling a lady during midnight is not cool.



Ki and Ka made several headlines and got space in the gossip columns due to its colors and shades. Is not it an interesting thing to know that he plays a house-husband who takes care of all household stuff? He lives on his wife kareena’s income in this movie.

It has kissing scene between Kareena and Saif that caught attention of millions. It does seem all these pre-promotional highlights before its release may be signals of early success in box office.


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