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Kill the Messenger is an adaptation of Late Investigative Journalist Gary Webb whose Dark Alliance series of articles brought him to limelight. Gary Webb shot to fame with his Dark Alliance series of articles exposing the CIA-Nicaraguan nexus. Story of the Film is about Gary webbs life, his passion for investigative journalism, shocking revelation about the CIA-based Contras and Protection given to Drug peddlers in US by the Regan Govt.

Nick Schous produced a wonderful movie based on Gary Webbs life, his sensational investigative news articles, media manipulation, Newspaper politics and his suffering and sacrifice as a result of pressure created by the big shots of Govt and media.

Jeremy Renner who plays Gary webb in the movie wonderfully portrayed Garyy webbs character, his passion for journalism, his emotional upheaval, his suffering during the latter part of his life before his death.

Credit goes to the cast and crew for their ability to do justice to this thrilling Crime Drama taken from reality. Cinematography of the movie was wonderful and it complemented the script. Say it the chase of camera or Dim Light shots excellence is displayed.

Crack cocaine epidemic not only hit the film city Los Angeles it swept through all major cities in USA in 1980s and Gary Webb showed bravery to expose the culprits, his noble karma brought enemies in his life, he had to leave Mercury News and then he was never employed by any newspaper agency as a main-stream media Journalist. His career ended, his employers did not back up his stories which ignited wide-spread controversy across US. In 2004 he was found dead with two gun-shot wounds in his head. Police told it was suicide though no suicide note was found. His Ex-Wife Sue webb said Garry Webb was depressed for years after he left mercury news, he was unable to find a suitable job in a main-stream news organization, he also had financial problems though he continued writing. His lost his house during his last time due to housing market crash in US. All these factors may have led him to end his life.

Gary Webb received posthumous recognition, after his death some main-stream newspapers like LA Times backed his findings about CIA nexus with Nicaraguans as well as the inspector General of CIA subsequently confirmed that the findings of Webb are not baseless. Due to his finding of truth against establishment he was labeled as a controversy monger and his allegations were rejected as baseless.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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