Kiran Bedi vs Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi is under  Libra Dasa and Antardasha of Cancer

Cancer period is from 9-10-2014 to 09-06-2015.

From Cancer 10th house is Aries having Rahu. Moon the 11th lord from Ascendant aspects the 10th Rahu. Moon is an enemy of Rahu. 11th house from Sun, mercury and Mars. Budha-aditya and Surya-Mangala Yoga.10th lord from Cancer is 11th from Cancer Sub Dasha. Remember that Sun and Mercury are Atma Karaka and Amatya karaka in 11th house of gain.

In Dashamsha Amatya Karaka mercury is 12th from Cancer house of loss though mercury ( Amatya Karaka) is in its own sign and in its own sign but from Atma Karaka amatya karaka is placed in 10th which is positive. 10th house from Cancer has Rahu aspected by Moon and Jupiter. Saturn and ketu also aspect Rahu in Dashamsha. There are malefic aspects on 10th from the Sub Dasha Sign.

Sun is atma karaka mercury is amtya karaka and both are placed in 10th from the Sub-Dasha house.

Karakamsha in Navamsha : Leo : In birth chart 10th from Karakamsha has Sun,Mercury and Mars. Sign of Fame.

Arudha Lagna is Capricorn and from it Sun, Mercury and Mars (any planet 5th from Arudha Lagna signifies kingship of ministership) and it also tells about an honest minister. In very few charts of politicians you may find planets 5th from Arudha Lagna signifying dearth of honest, gifted, intelligent, deft politicians.

Only issue is that Sun is in an enemy sign with the Gnati Karaka Mars (enemy and obstacles).

According to Vimshottari Dasha From 2010 till 2016 she will be under the Dasha Period of Sun. I believe the Election in Delhi will be on 7th of February 2015. During that time she will be under Mercury Sub Dasha. From 2010 she might have taken interest in politics more and more as SUN signifies royalty and politics. Sun is also her Atma Karaka, the Main Karaka while mercury is her Amatya Karaka (Career, Profession). I think it is the best time for her to be in the limelight as well as to contest election. Mercury is 10th lord in the Lagna Chart as well as Amatya Karaka while Sun, the Karaka of politics and Royalty is with mercury.

Note: Election 2015 in Delhi is happening while she has the Dasha of 12th Lord (Loss, Expenses, and seclusion, struggle): while the Sub dash lord itself is the Lagna lord. Sun is in enemy sign with 3rd and 8th lord Malefic Mars along with Mercury 1st and 10th lord.

Her moon is also debilitated in Scorpio though the debility is cancelled; I personally consider Cancellation of debility does not give 100% good result. She got a ticket from BJP during mercury Sub Dasha because mercury is the Lagna Lord placed in the 9th house being the 10th Lord while the 9th lord is in the 10th house. This is Parivartan Raj Yoga. Due to this yoga she has become very famous and successful in her career.

Now let’s see What Arvind Kejriwal’s Chart says

Jupiter is the Atma Karaka and Venus is the amatya Karaka

Jamini aspects in his birth chart: Mars-Moon,Saturn-SUN,Saturn-Mercury,Saturn-Jupiter,Saturn-Venus

In Lagna Chart from Aries (Sub-Dasha sign) the 10th house is Capricorn having aspect from SUN (4th Lord), Mercury (2nd and 5th Lord) and, Venus (1st lord and 6th lord), Jupiter (11th and 8th lord). Please note that 4th house in his Natal chart is highly activated. 4th house and moon also represent popularity or fame. 4th lord is with 5th lord 1st lord (self) with 4th lord (education), 5th lord (intelligence) interesting combination of Raj yogas. Sun (soul, vital energy) and moon (mind) both are in very good position. Sun is very strongly placed in all major charts like D-1 D-9 and D-10. This signifies that he is here to stay in politics for a long long time. As Sun is very strong he is very spiritual and clean from heart and soul. Moon is also strong and it tells that his mind is pure too. He got an immense strength of mind.

In Dashamsha Chart Sun is in 7th house and it is his own sign. In both Lagna chart and Dashamsha chart Sun has secured a very good position.

Jupiter and Venus are placed in the 12th house in Dashamsha chart which signifies secret enemies, loss and expenses. 10th house has mercury which signifies a career where you constantly communicate and from Aries Jupiter and Venus are in the 10th house of Capricorn.

He is under Jupiter Dasha and Venus Sub-Dasha till 28th February 2015. After that the SUN Antar Dasha will start. Atma Karaka, Jupiter is with the Amatya karaka Venus. Jupiter and Venus are naturally enemies but in his case it is his Ascendant lord. I feel instead of doing harm to the Dasha Lord Jupiter Venus will help him.

As per chara Dasha he is under Scorpio period and Aries Sub period. Aries Sub period began 17-08-2014 till16-06-2014.

His Karakamsha in Navamsha is virgo. Arudha Lagna is scorpio. From Arudha Lagna SUN (4th Lord), Mercury (2nd and 5th Lord) and, Venus (1st lord and 6th lord), Jupiter (11th and 8th lord) are placed in 10th while from Karakamsha these are in the 12th (He will incur lots of expenses by the planets SUN (through king), mercury (Travelling and communication, Broadcasting), Venus (women, luxury) Jupiter (elders, Guru, learning, education).

I feel looking at the strong position of Sun and Moon he is slightly on edge over Kiran Bedi, but also note that 10th lord is in debility but the debility is cancelled giving rise to Nicha Bhanga Raj yoga. Also it is said that planets in debility may also give gains much more like planets in exaltation but ironically Saturn is retrograde and in debility in D-9 and D-10 charts which is never good for career. In profession and career he may have to struggle a lot and Saturn, a slow moving cruel planet may make him work more. Nothing comes in terms of professional success due to the 10th lord in debility in all the major charts. Present Dasha lord Jupiter is the 8th (sudden rise and fall) and 11th lord (gain) had already signified his rise and then fall from position. Hopefully this time something dramatic happens.

Kiran Bedi backed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has slight edge over Arvind kejriwal.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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