Kishore Kumar Horoscope

Kishore Kumar was a legendary playback singer, actor, director, producer, composer, and lyricist. The songs that he sang were chartbusters, even if those songs were sung decades back still the melody of these songs are enchanting to the ears.

He had all round talent in almost everything related to cinema but he was mostly known as a prolific singer. His elder brother Ashok Kumar was already an established actor in Bollywood when Kishore ventured into Hindi cinema. He had a record of winning the most filmfare Awards.

Now let us look into his horoscope.

Saturn, the lord of 2nd (Speech, wealth) and 3rd (Courage, effort, elderly siblings) is placed in the lagna. That indicates his personality is moreover influenced by Saturn (hard work), voice (2nd house) and his elder brother (3rd house).

6th and 11th lord Venus is placed in the 7th house (10th from 10th) in Gemini, a friendly mercurial sign that took him to the Hindi film industry while 10th lord mercury is in 11th house tells about how his gains, hopes and wishes and social circle was amid film personalities.

In the D-9 chart Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house of Gemini, this gave him a singing voice and great talent as a playback singer.

Arudha Lagna is in Libra and Ketu is placed in there. Jupiter aspect the AL from Taurus (sign aspect) fortifying his public image.

In his D-1 chart 7th lord is in the 8th house with 8th lord moon and 9th lord sun. 7th lord mercury is further combust. That really gave him challenges in his married life. He was married 4 times. Only the 4th marriage survived till he lived.

In D-9 the 7th house has Mars, Rahu and Ketu.  Further in D-1 chart the UL (Upapada Lagna) is hemmed between malefics and Saturn has both planetary as well as sign aspect on it while 2nd from UL has the malefic influence of Rahu and Ketu. 

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