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Is it a good idea to give a review of movie without watching it? Well it’s okay to do so if you have right intuition about a movie and its success or its failure.
All my friends are excited about this much-awaited movie, I think kites is in talks from last one year and also Hrithink Roshan and Barbara Mori are in talks by cena-gossip circles. Even a section of media had so much to talk about their rumored romance at the sets of kite, no one knows if their on-screen romance or off-screen which almost resulted into a nuptial discord.
Well some media sections to a greater extent are the intruders to the businesses of others especially the famous celebrities, why they do so much intrusion into the lives of celebrities is indeed a matter of TRP or media business. By doing so they earn money, so it’s the bread and butter of their business.
One friend suggested me to write something about the content, theme of the movie.  He said it’s based on love, and then I think all romantic movies are undoubtedly based on love, but here he said the movie says that love is beyond the intricacies of language as love is blind. So here the beautiful Mexican Barbara learns Hindi while Hrithik learns Spanish to please each other, sounds like symptoms of passionate love.  What do you say readers? Come on tell me!
This movie may have a lot to say with its action flicks and romantic tales. It seems to be a promising movie for the Bollywood’s most handsome hunk.
Hrithink said he had come over his crippling knee injury. Now he is all set to go dhoom with his perfection, acting, attitude and guts.
Good news!   Kites is set for a Friday release, with some multiplexes screening as many as 30 shows a day, making it the film with most screenings on one day.
80% of a film’s theatrical collections happen during the first two weeks, taking into account the competition now the 1st week of a film is a decider of its destiny as a lot of word of mouth activities go on once the film gets a Friday release, hence the audiences get a choice weather to watch the movie in a multiplex or not. For that reason now the smart distributors want to maximize the return on investment by screening as many shows as possible.
Written and posted by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 14,2011

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