Kolkatta Acra road car Gang Rape

Kolkatta : The mastermind of acra gang rape case has been roaming free and the Poilce of kolkatta is sill unable to detain the rapist named Raj. Raj was suppose to be knowing the woman who was gang raped in a car and later dumped in Acra station road, kolkatta. The victim has 2 children aged 10 and 18 months and she belongs to a economically weaker section.

Vidyasagar hospital authority tried to make the case look false by saying the injuries sustained by the woman was due to intoxication but in reply Artist Samir Aich counter questioned and asked how could they think that a drugged woman put such resistance so that injuries can be caused.

Aich visited the woman's home and assured them that they do not need to be scared of anyone, he also asked the neighbors to help the victim's family and support them so that they can get to their normal life. After the incident the woman was not speaking much and felt scared to return home.

Women from poor background are more vulnerable to such incidents and most of the time out of fear they do not lodge compliant. As responsible citizens we should come forward to curb such incidents.


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