Konark Temple- Sun Temple of India

Konark Sun Temple is a 13th century temple located about 35 km northeast of Puri district, Orissa. It was built by the Kalinga ( Now Odisha) emperor Narasingha Deva I.  Narasingha Deva I was a very powerful king of Orissa who defeated Turko-Afgan rulers of Mamluk Dynasty and many other Foreign Invaders of his time.

Konark Temple was dedicated to Sun God. The entire temple is built as a massive – 100 ft high chariot of Sun God having 24 wheels of 12ft and 7 horses. Once it was over 200 ft.

Over a period of time the temple was destroyed, and partial remains exist. Some sources say it was destroyed by Muslim rulers from 15th to 17th century while some say its due to natural damage.

It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s an iconic tourist place.

The structures have various artwork and themes and famous for its erotic scenes.

Why the outer walls of Konark Temple has various erotic (Kama) sculptures?

Ancient India was open to sex and culturally much more advanced than other civilizations. There are various reasons why the outer walls of the temple are craved with erotic sculptures,

It was for sex education. As a part of Tantra when all sexual desires and perversions are fulfilled by humans then only one can attain higher spiritual bliss. So, in Konark Temple the inner sanctum sanctorum- the soul of the temple is without any such sculpture. That very well means that without fulfilling Kama or Carnal desire one can not attain moksha or liberation.

Khajuraho temple also has such erotic sculptures.

Below are the erotic- sexual images of Konark Temple.

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