Kriya Yoga philosophy

Patajjali, the great sage of India authored Kriya Yoga or popularly known as 8 limbs of yoga. As you read this book you may find more of philosophy and less of physical form of yoga techniques. Those who have great admiration toward patanjali say he was a top grade psycologist,scientist and profound philosopher and the re-inventer of Kriya Yoga. If you have read Bhagvad Gita you may know that the emphasis of Kriya Yoga in Mahabharat when Lord Krishna told Arjun about Kriya Yoga and its significance, Krishna mentioned Kriya Yoga as the highest yogic discipline. It was not new as lord himself gave this knowledge to the godhead the sun and then from the Sun it was passed to Manu and so on, but somewhere in the eternity of time the knowledge of kriya Yoga was lost. To enliven the lost art and science of Kriya Yoga Lord Krishna had to take birth in Dwapar Yug.


There are indeed many forms of yoga as a practice of physical feats while meditating upon different mediums are the only way to experience the eternity of mind. Mind- No one has ever utilised 100% of their mind, even the most renowned scientist Einstein only could use a fractional percentage of his mind's prowess while the great yogis used their minds to the best of their ability, hence they could do clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and many other esoteric activities, we may think of them as supernatural while for them its just normal. As I stumbled upon an article about Jack Lanne, the master fitness guru and a revolutionary who could do 1000 push-ups and 1000 chin-ups in 86minutes at an age you wont believe. Yeah he could do all this difficult physical feats at the age of 45. Can you believe that. It is not a body which can do all this as it is the mind which makes the body do what it wants. There is a completely mysterious side of mind which we will never understand but we may keep on trying to delve into the eternity of mind to churn its esoteric elements. Every step toward mind is like every step toward God. God whom we can never see in the holiest sanctum sanctorum of any religious place of divine significance may be felt in you little cozy room where you meditate. Yamaa niyama are the two ways to prepare the mind towards cosmic enlightenment. Poetry is as mysterious as the mind and philosophy is as esoteric as the soul and when you pass the two stage you may reach a stage where you can receive all the divine rays of the cosmic world then you never know you may turn into a prophet

Poet- philosopher-prophet is like a journey of birth-growth-decay and death. Birth leads to death while death gives way to a new birth. Amid them there we witness several rebirths.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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