Lara With Me Pre-scam Review: One more Russian Ponzi scheme

Sergey Mavrodi's MMM global was a clear scam which promised 100% ROI; So many people have lost their money in MMM. Mostly Russian Pyramid schemes turn into Ponzi. When it comes to Lara With Me (LARA WITH.ME) I would strongly say that it is going to be one more Russian Ponzi scheme.

Reasons why LARA WITH.ME is going to be a Ponzi scheme?


  • It's domain registration is kept Private, Big Indication that it's a fraud business scheme
  • Initial Promotional videos are in Russian language. 
  • Traffic as per Alexa suggests that it has 60% of Traffic from Russia and Ukraine (Notorious for their Ponzi schemes)
  • The most important factor is that no one knows who runs the show, which is behind its operation. Is it Mavrodi or someone else from Russia?
  • Lara with Me promises 3% ROI every day for lifetimes. It is as shady as an investment plan which preaches a lifetime guaranteed RIO. Big joke.
  • LARA WITH.ME uses the messaging app telegram to fool people. Telegram messaging app has nothing to do with LARA WITH.ME.


Investment structure 

You can start from $10 and invest up to $50,000.

10% direct referral commission as well as residual referral commissions


LARA WITH.ME Started in 2nd of June 2016 will soon collapse in the middle or end of Aug'2016.

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