Latest pen Drives, USBs in Indian

Latest pen Drives, USBs in Indian
 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
It’s been briefly 10 years when pen drives or USB drives are launched in the market to replace the floppy and compact disks. Compact disks first replaced the floppy drive as floppy drive as a device has minimal data storing capacity and then the CDs though have good data storing capacity it was not convenient for the users those who wanted to erase data on a regular basis to store new data. Though the writable CDs were available in the market they were costlier then the usual Cds and there was no guarantee about how many writes are allowed, these writable cds have short life span, hence they are no user friendly.
Looking at the loopholes of the compact disks USBs are far more convenient, they are popularly named as Data traveler, key drive or flash drive. Do you know most USB drives allow approximately 1 million writes and it can store data up to 10 years? Now when they were launched in the market with a storing capacity of 1 GB it seemed huge for the users but slowly as the users needed more space in their flash drives, manufacturers started to expand the storage capacity.  Now interestingly various data travelers from 2 GB to even 256 Gb capacity are available for the users.
Let’s check the features of some high-version data travelers
Cheapest pen drive
Strontium :
This Singapore-based brand is the cheapest series of pen drive.
Price: 349 for 2GB and 499 for 4GB. Thank God I can afford it.
Transfer speed: 480mbits/s
Water-resistant Corsair
1. It is both shock-resistant and water-resistant
2. GTR 32 GB has a write speed of about 28 to 30 mb/s
3.  it is claimed to have higher-level durability
4. Price : Rs. 5800
1. Available up to 16GB with the brand name of Jet flash 330
2. weighs about 8.5 gm
3. price 4gb at  Rs.525, 8Gb at Rs.950 and 16 GB at Rs.1850
It has life time warranty
1. It weighs 9gm with the click open feature, slick and compatible
2. it has a special feature called virtual expander software which can compresses the stored data up to 3 times
3. Price: 32 GB Click costs Rs 5000, color : Blue LED color
4. warranty : 5 years
Strontium Hulk Series
1. This silver color device is designed for business travelers
2. it has an encryption feature for data protection
3. Price : 128GB costs Rs. 19999
SanDisk Ultra Back-up
1. It has a distinguishing password-protection feature for work-files
2. It has data back-up facility by which data is automatically backed up
3. Data scrambling makes it more secure
4. it has a five-year warranty costs Rs.15999
Kingston’s 310 USB Flash Drive
1. Highest in capacity makes it a leader in capacity drives available in the market
2. It has a capacity of 256 GB with a 5 year warranty
3. Data travels at a rate of 25mb/s
4. It has a unique password software
5. cost : Rs.45990


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