Leftovers star Liv Tyler talked about her baby boy, boyfriend and work

Liv Tyler, 38 has recently released her son’s picture on Instagram. Liv, famous as lord of the ring star has recently released a pic of his son Sailor Gene Gardner who turned 6 months. The “leftovers” actress Liv Tyler and her boyfriend David Gardner welcomed baby boy Gene Gardner.

Liv Tyler has a 10 year old son Milo ex-husband Royston Langdon and her second son was born on Februray 11.

Recently Liv said, I am a second class citizen at 38. She further clarified that when someone is at her early 20s the kind of work she gets is different than when she nears an age of 40.

There would be good number of choices when someone is very young while at 38 she gets roles of wife or girlfriend.

It is very true that the entertainment industry is very competitive and increase in age is a threat unlike other industries. She also talked about how she is dividing her time between New York and London to keep her close to David Gardner.


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