Leonardo DiCaprio horoscope

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous Hollywood celebrity, He is not only an actor but also a film producer. In the beginning of his career from 1979-1990 he was mostly seen in TV commercials and TV series. 

Then from 1991 to 1996 he was established as a successful film star with many blockbuster movies to his credit. Won and Nominated in hundreds of prestigious awards.
As per astrodatabank he was bron in 11 Nov 1974, 2.47 am in Los Angeles. 
As per Vedic astrology KP system his ascd is virgo and ascd lord is in ascd with moon and mars. That depicts his courage and Karimsa on screen. He took up many courageous roles in many movies and got a lot of appreciation from fans and critics.
1st and 2nd house have almost all planets except retro Saturn in 10th house and Rahu in 3rd house.
5th lord 2 degrees from MC tells about his successful career in a creative profession.
5th and 10th houses are very well connected through star level and house level.
Even the 5th house is majory signifying 5th and 2nd house.
Ascd  is also signifying 5th and 2nd. 
Saturn retrograde in 10th house tells about mass popularity. As Saturn represents masses.
10th sublord representing 5 and 10 majorly tells about his success in film industry as an actor and producer.



By : Dipti Prasad| Category : Astrology| Sub Category : Celebrity Birth chart Analysis|Date : February 10,2019

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