Liberalised India Vs poor India

India as we know is a great country with a great hystory, our civilization is not newly formed as we have a hystory which gives proof of our developed civilization from the ancinet time. Our mythology influences our lives and our culture is a legacy of value. We may become too modern by imitating the west but surely our values will always remain Indian.
In the above paragraph I have mentioned the good sides of our great contry, people, culture, and heritage and of course ancestors and now I feel about writing some of the true facts about the poor India with loose people with loose moral and double-faced characters. Before liberalisation India was a country of moderate economy with majority of people living upon agriculture.
Liberlization started in India in the early 90’s when India opened up its trade for the world. Indian then was known as a country of information technology and different industries came into being and even big multinationals eyed at India as a hot avenue of expansion, business set-up and growth. Anything can be sold in India, we are a people centric country and there are markets for everything and anything. Amid all these developments do we know that our growth and progress is only ours and they are not spreaded out to every nook and corner of our country? Though we have high ideals and values we are still a country of mass poverty.
Why there is so much inequality?
There is a report which says that $462 billion illegally taken out of India from 1948. Such a stupendous illegal ouflow from India is not only a matter of concern but a matter of shame. Money that illegally flew out of India was as per estimate was almost ome third of the economy amounting to 1.5% of GDP.
Who are the culprits?
Report says private firms, wealthy individuals and black marketers, corrupt politicians and money laundrers are responsible for the illegal outflow of huge money and the main source of such huge money outflow is money laundering throug drug trafficking, human trafficking, courrency counterfeiting.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 11,2011

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