Limitation of Matrix Programs like Zarfund

Limitation of any Matrix program is about the inability of make downline. Do not join a matrix program if you are not sure about making downline or forming a team. Mostly the early adopters profit from matrix programs. Everyone cannot profit in such programs and that is for sure.

If you are a leader of a matrix program just ensure that you should help in building a team and helping them building their own team. The matrix chain will stop somewhere when the members at the base of the chain are unable to make any further downline referrals. 

That means these kinds of programs only benefit the lead of a team while the chances of members down the line may not go good if they are not capable of bringing new ones on board. If your upline referral tells you that they have a team and there will be spillover etc. so everyone will benefit just don’t go by marketing jargons because reality is something different. Do your own research

Do your homework before you join such matrix programs? If you have a team you should see how all will be benefited and not just you and your best buddies.

Leaders should also realize that if your team members do not make profit from their investment they will not trust your words. If you want to be a brand then think in this perspective. Mostly matrix programs entice you with its ROI plans which always look lucrative but down the line all are not gaining from such programs and it’s a hard truth. Only join if you have an ability to make a team and assure your team that they will all be profited. 

Do not promote anything that comes your way. Do you really know what you promote is always going to benefit those who come as your referrals?

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