Love at first sight is a myth

Researchers from Hamilton College in the US proved that love at first sight is now a myth. Yes you are hearing a truth. Our age-old belief that love happens at first sight is not a true phenomenon. As per the research the researchers have given a few images of men and women to the participants and they were told to look at the images and find if they have started having any feeling of love.

They wired their brains to monitors, and the software present in the monitor was supposed to record the impulses of love. As per the recorded findings, the attraction went on to increase from the first sight of the images to the 2nd and this way the attraction was strongest in the 4th sight.

That proved that when we see someone of opposite sex for the first time, we may not feel a strong attraction, but as one keeps on seeing the person few times, his/her attraction may go up.


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