Lux Shares scam Review

Lux Shares started as a revenueshare company in Oct'2016 collapsed badly like few other notorious revshares of 2016. You can find all Revshare scam reviews on freeblogin; you can post scam story along with the name or organization of the scammer and their pictures, so that people would know these fraudsters and beware of their moves.

Lux Shares allured people with high return on the money they put in its revshare program (40% daily), Within 3 weeks or less they stopped paying and stopped paying. They showed a very rosy picture to the members that they have a robust external source of income from forex and Lux store. They also showed some proof that they are earning good from forex (Nice way to assure members that they are genuine).

People behind big scams know the art of captivating others with their words. They put so much emotions, assurance and confidence in their words that even smart people fall in their trap.

Who are the founders Of Lux Shares?

Ray Scott and Fobbs Jefe of notorious TT3 Marketing are the founders of Luxshares. TT3 got closed in a few months and thousands lost their money while Luxshares could not even sustain the pressure of scam for a couple of weeks and closed down.

Ray Scott (


Now you should decide will you again join a 40% daily income driven Revshare and moreover will you join these two scammers Ray Scott and Fobbs Jefe if they start some program again in the name of revshare?

Fobbs Jefe (

People who have promoted these Revshares just for quick commission are equally responsible for the loss of someone's money and those who join and support such programs are equally culprits as they play a gamble with their money.

The purpose of this content is to generate risk awareness among new entrants of Revshare or any matrix program.

Admins of such Revshares were very well aware about when the Revshare stop paying, by the time they make hefty money and come out clean.

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