Maha Shivrati

Maha Shivrati is celebrated during the 14th night of the new moon in the month of phalguna-a month as per hindu calender is a night of worship to the lord shiva. Shiva is one among the 3 Hindu Gods who has been widely worshiped in India in temples and in homes. Shiva idols are mostly worshipped in homes while the shiva lingas and shiva murti both are worshipped in temples. Lord shiva has so many names as per the texts of mythology. He is called mahadev- lords of demigods,angels,Devs or deties. Shiva is also called mahakal- Lord of destroyer. His anger can destory the entire universe in a second. But he is rightly said as the destroyer as he destroyes the evil damons and even evil that can easily grow with in humans. Those who wants to wash their sins and bad habits should worship the shiva daily as mahadev always forgives those who really want to give up their bad and surrender athis holy feet. That is he has got the name of Bhole-nath.


Why shivaratri is celebrated

According to the Hindu mythology when during the time of samudra manthan, both deties and damons united to churn the great ocean to get the amrit (nector for immortality ), various precious things came from the samudra along with the deadly poison. Seeing poison coming from the ocean both damons and deties were scarified and stopped the churning activity of the ocean and there was only one lord who was the lord of the deties who drank the vicious poison and God held it in the throat just to save the universe from destruction. The effect of the poison was very strong and All the deties, damons and mata parvati prayed during the night when shiva held the poison. That is why shivratri is calebrated.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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