Mahmoud Cherif's MyAdStory scam

I first reviewed MAS (MyAdStory) in August 04, 2016. I was very positive about the program; I had much assurance about this ad-based revenue share program. MAS, MyAdStory was in existence few months before I joined the program. I also wrote a blog promoting it.

But now I regret a lot, I supported a program because it was promoted by industry leaders like Julz Steve, Matt Webster, Becem Cherif and many others, and I believed in the owner Mahmoud Cherif.

Mahmoud Cherif

Now it's almost been a year since the program was on and off and unfortunately I could see that it has already on a verge of death. Yes I can call it a scam because there was no serious intention to make it successful. 15000 members were duped by Mahmoud Cherif and his agents.

I don't know how many members are really able to get back at least 30% of their money back. Guys I have learnt hard lessons from all these so called hyped Revshares by these so-called self-proclaimed internet marketers.

MyAdStory had no genuine intention to make it successful. Their terms and conditions changed every now and then. I remember they introduced membership fee for withdrawal, it was a clever move. 2ndly they deliberately showed that the site was hacked. And almost months went on to make a new site live, I believe that was the best time when Mahmoud Cherif got plenty of time and money to spend on his personal honeymoon trips.

As the site is down now, it is a final indication that MyAdStory scammed. There was no intention to pay members on their investment, there was absolutely no honesty shown by the owner while I strongly believe that the commission earners have earned good and the leaders have also got good money from the system and people like us suffered the most, wasted our time, money and energy.

This scam was planned very deliberately over a longer period of time and I know that Mahmoud Cherif will say that he has been trying his best from a year and he did not get support blab la bla.Good luck Mahmoud Cherif and Good luck  to your leaders.


By : Admin| Company Name : Mahmoud Cherif's MyAdStory scam| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : February 10,2017

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