Makdee Actress Shweta Basu caught for prostitution

She acted in award winning movies like Makdee and Iqbal.  The actress also did films in Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.  The world labeled her as a criminal after she was caught by the police from a hotel in connection to a prostitution racket.

Shweta confessed that she did some wrong choices in her life and pushed into the darker side of the world due to dearth of money. As per he she needed to support her parents and some good causes.


Well why so much of noise and media attention to this news, is this due to a film persona who caught for prostitution. ? How can the media leave such a great chance to sell news and make TRP from this news? As this news went viral people from all round the world started commenting their views on this. The age-old trade of prostitution may never end from this world as long as we the people condemn discourage and discard the direct and indirect promotion of it. It is also important to note that no woman may willingly turn into a prostitute; there may have been several reasons behind a woman who resort to such an extreme choice. The reasons may be several ranging from the lack of money to betrayal in love, a failed marriage, and many other reasons. But the civilized world should act more civilized in discouraging buyers of such sex trade. As long as the buyers do not consciously refrain themselves from buying the time and services of prostitutes, the trade of prostitution may never end. As this world is so free to label a prostitute as a sinner and her profession as sinful while it forgets to condemn the millions of so-called sex traders who live a dual life. These buyers may come from the elite part of the society as well as the economically weaker section. The sex-traders may as well come from different socio-economic background and they are the real culprits in helping the trade of prostitution prosper through the nooks and corners of the world.

The taboo surrounding the grey side of sex, sex trade and sex industry may not come to an end but the lives of thousands of so-called prostitutes may get better when society accepts them as normal people and They are as human as the normal people. They have every right to live a life of dignity and a broad-minded part of our society can only take steps in freeing them from their grey world of prostitution. Govt, NGOs, Rehabilitation centers should come forward towards helping them to come out of prostitution.


Don’t we know that every year millions of girls are traded for money either forcefully or due to compulsion?  Human trafficking is growing like a deadly monster and every year lots and lots innocent children, women get into its trap. Why the police is not so active in curbing such trafficking. It seems even the police is more interested in cases like Shweta Basu to make some cheap TRP.



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