Male smokers are much more vulnerable to cancer risk

In a new scientific finding by researchers in Uppsala University, sweden smoking is much more dangerous for males than women. Smoking seems to kill the Y chromosome from blood.


This piece of news may spread a red signal among the smokers who are knowingly killing them slowly. There is a greater link between  Y chromosome and cancer. Loss of  Y chromosome indeed lowers the body's natural immune system to fight against cancer.


Out of various factors like ailments, blood pressure, diabetes, alcohol consumption smoking turned out to be the cause of loss of  Y chromosome.


The reason why the loss of  Y chromosome And cancer is not clear while it is proved that the loss of this caused cancer in men and men are exposed to more risk with smoking. Though the risk is in ascending order between moderate smokers to heavy smokers.


That is why male smokers have low life expectancy comparing to female smokers. As men only possess  Y chromosome they are at greater risk. Smoking generally causes lung cancer which is a fatal form of cancer besides this smoking can cause various life-threatening illness.


Smoking causes high-blood pressure, heart ailments and a cause of millions of premature deaths across the world. The best thing is that such premature deaths can be reduced by quitting smoking.


Team of researchers did their analysis on 6000 men taking into account various factors

 such as their diet, exercise habit, history of disease, socio-economic status, alcohol intake, behavioral things.


men smoking more are more at risk and the loss of  Y chromosome while after quitting they regained the level of  Y chromosome. This is equally motivating for the smokers that they can regain health by quitting smoking.


Smoking causes death through fatal diseases like cancer, Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure problems in adult males while passive smokers are more prone to heart diseases by an estimated 25 to 30 percent higher than active smokers while smoking is seriously harmful for children by causing ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, and severe asthma.


Smoking during pregnancy may cause premature birth of baby, and low birth weight as well as pregnant women may have a risk of miscarriage due to smoking.


Benefits of quitting come easy. Within no time heart rate and blood pressure come to normal while carbon monoxide level declines dramatically within hours of quitting smoking. Note that carbon monoxide in blood prevents the ability of blood in carrying oxygen to heart.


According to a new study there is a co-relation between smoking, drinking alcohol, meat consumption and incidents of cancer. Researchers took data from 87 countries having high-quality cancer incidence data as well as other 157 countries having cancer data. Data collected is statistically compared with the mentioned indices and outcome of the research tells about how the animal product index comprising of meat, milk, fish, and eggs contributed to half of the cancer incidents along with smoking. Alcohol contributed to a small percentage.


Lung cancer is mainly due to smoking while breast cancer, corpus uteri, cancer of kidney, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, testicular, thyroid cancer, and multiple myeloma are mainly caused by animal product intake.


The reason behind cancer due to meat-rich diet is due to the production of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in the body which not only causes the body to grow but also causes tumors to grow.

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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