Man lynched over cow slaughter in UP

Amid ban of cow slaughter and beef eating in Delhi, a bitter incident took place in Dadri village of Uttar Pradesh where a mob of 200 people killed a 50 year man and severely injured his son suspecting that the man’s family was involved in cow slaughter.

Such an incident was shameful as killing someone out of suspicion and taking law in hand is never a solution to any issue. Uttar Pradesh Government condemned the incident and deployed heavy security in that region. UP government has also declared 10 lakh for the victim’s family.

It all happed due to a misunderstanding created ahead of panchayat polls to polarize the village.

The incident which took place in Bisada tells about the horrific incident that happened with Iqlakh, 55 and his family members. A mob of 100 odd people gathered near his house and started abusing his daughter-in law and wife and they demanded Iqlakh to come out of his house, when he did not come they broke the main gate and entered the house, by that time Iqlakh locked himself in the bathroom, but the mob broke the bathroom door and pulled him back, thrashed him badly and he succumbed to severe blood loss and brain hemorrhage, His younger son Danish was manhandled and left with critical condition.


From the day UP government had announced ban on cow slaughter such incidents are on a rise. Beef eating in Uttar Pradesh is equal to an invitation to death.


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