Many faces of modern India

We have been witnessing how the world changes around us due to conceptualisation, trade and industry. It’s the growth which drives the Indian economy as one of the world’s most promising economies. Give credit to innovation, leadership or globalization. Telecom sector is one of the most growth-driven sectors in India; our telecom infrastructure is world-class but do we know that people in some states such as Bihar and UP and some other states have the severe shortage of electricity, there are even thousands who cannot afford to buy the power for their homes.
Some people buy solar cells and car batteries from cities to charge their mobiles, and they charge 15 to 20 rupees from the people who go to them to get their mobiles charged. It tells the story of a nation where the power infrastructure is still under developed.
At one side of the coin, there are people who spend money for luxury while at another side, we see the poverty-stricken people and their precarious living conditions. At one part of our nation farmers commit suicide while in some other parts, there are farmers who live the kind of luxury that we may envy upon. Recently, tendulkar committee report declared Bihar as the poorest state in India where around 5.6 million BPL cards have been issued according to govt report while there is a need of 12 million BPL or food cards for the poor. There are hunger deaths in most of the poorest parts of India, which are neither reported nor come to the media limelight. Though we know that India is one of the corrupt countries on the scale of corruption index, we either silently cope with the system where bribery is a norm to get your work done. Those who realise that through the process of bribery and corruption, they can get their illegal schemes done patronize the system and even promote the fallacies of the system.
We have witnessed the miraculous changes in the world with the change of technology. Say it the advent of computer or the advent of internet. Do we realise if our technical progress has done so much good to the world why not our social and political reforms?
Though Bihar has been declared officially as the poorest sate in India do we know that its growing at 35%, with cement consumption grew from 4.5 million tons to 6.5 million tons, it’s of course a good news, but it’s still lagging behind the bigger states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu where the estimated cement consumption is about 15-17 million tones. Growth in Bihar is not due to theincreased infrastructure projects and construction activities, but it’s due to the rural demands and consumptions. Bihar has a long way to go! National average of Cement per capita consumption is around 155 kg as in case of Bihar it is 53 kg where as in Orissa it is 136 kg and in Jharkhand it is 96 kg.
Well, it’s not about a specific part of India and its development, it’s about a kind of happiness I feel every time I hear David winning against goliath. We are living in an India, which is identified not by a country but by states, to some degree it also happens in other countries, but here it is much of difference in terms of the way we live, the way we treat others according to the way they are developed as human beings. These differences and discriminations are a part of every social life perhaps in every country but do we care for the human behind the veil of caste, creed, religion, color and ethnicity. The day we start realizing the thoughts of greatness, we will then be the happiest as a global community.
When people die, I feel they are freed from all the pain of birth and death, death and birth bring tears to the eye but do we cry for those who are not related ?Of course not. In Delhi alone it is witnessed that at least 10 homeless people die every day, and according to the police report at least 12000 deaths occurred from 2005 to 2009, and all these deaths are listed as unidentified dead bodies. It’s really sad that the world which we believe to be created by God lets people die as animals in the streets. Hunger is one of the malicious social enemy and thousand of people die every day due to hunger. We are still fighting in the court of law to make food as a fundamental right while in bigger metros every day around 10 people die due to hunger or weather.
Though the govt talked about the solution in the form of community kitchens, health centers and midday meal schemes, these bigger social goals are yet to be manifested in real term. Those who die of hunger or weather are not the beggars, but they are the working men and women who struggle every day to make ends meet, they are the rickshaw pullers, street vendors, day labourers.
Hunger and homeless deaths are a grave social problem but in a populated country like India where millions live under the line of poverty it seems to be a usual phenomenon as our compassion is not so refined nor the compassion of those who claim to be the leaders of this country.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 16,2011

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