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Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, in short, Mark Wahlberg is a highest paid Hollywood actor who is also a film producer, businessman. He was a former model and rapper. He was born in born June 5, 1971. He is married to Rhea Durham in 2009 and has 4 children. He also owns a sports franchise and his own Restaurant franchise. 

As per wiki he was addicted of cocaine and other substances when he was 13. At 15 and 16 he was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Now we have fair amount of data about him, so the astrological journey may be slightly easy. During his teen he was undergoing the period of rahu and Rahu is seated in the 8th house of sudden events and is associated with 6th lord and 11th lord mars. Rahu Mars combination in 8th house is no less than a dangerous conjunction but as he was running through the major period of Rahu it all happened. Addiction and substance abuse is due to Rahu as well as his 12th house stellium.

From his Vedic natal chart, we can see that ascendant is hemmed between malefic.  Ketu in 12th house while Mercury Sun Saturn are in 12th house.  There is a 12th house emphasis on his chart. Venus is in the 11th house rightly sitting in the Arudha Lagna. That is what exactly making him gain from entertainment.

Looking at the Lagna or D-1 chart it looks like a very ordinary chart but the high divisional charts are promising. He started his career  during Jupiter Venus and during the entire Saturn Dasha he acted in several movies. Saturn even though in 12th house in D-1, it’s in the sign of Venus while in Navamsha D-9 it is in it’s own sign even though in 12th house. Saturn in Bhavottama, hence powerful. In D-10, Dashamsha it is in its own house with mercury. That tells a lot about a successful Dasha period. He has an exception 10th and 9th house as per Ashtakavarga with 40 and 31 points.

Regarding married life, the delay in marriage may be due to the position of 7th lord Jupiter in the 6th house. While D-9 has good strength due to which he married late but married after all. 

Birth time as per astro data bank is 7.15 Am.

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