Mark Zuckerberg donates 25 mn Dollar to fight Ebola epidemic

Since Ebola epidemic broke out last March more than 4000 people from West Africa had lost their lives, according to world health organization.

Now its time for the founder of facebook, Mark Zukerberg to make some donation to the US centers for Disease control and prevention. Mark donated 25 million dollar towards the cause.

He said, I and Priscilla are donating 25 milion dollar to CDCP to help fight the ebola epidemic. As per him the ebola epidemic is a bigger threat and it is projected that one million people may come under its grip. It has infected 8,400 people and spreading like anything.

It is a world crisis and we need to fight it out like HIV and Polio. He further emphasized such donations will further help the heroes who are in the front line fighting against the epidemic.

He and his wife believed that their donation may work as an aid to help prevent the epidemic.

By : | Category : News| Date : October 15,2014

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