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Amit Jethwa’s role as an environment activist had hindered some projects in protected forest areas. This had irked the powerful mining lobby.Environmentalist Amit Jethwa who did object to the unauthorised mining through public interest litigation (PIL) in the Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad on July 13 was shot dead from point-blank range a week later outside the very hall of justice. Though the 33-year-old whistle-blower is no more, his brother is bent on continuing the legal battle to make sure that the thieves of the rich natural resources get their just deserts before the 1,450-square-km jungle with rich flora and fauna goes to rack and ruin.
Jethwa’s father has in another petition prayed for an independent inquiry into his son’s murder and pointed an accusing finger at the parliamentarian of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Dinu Solanki, from Junagadh. He said that the powerful, dreadedpolitician alone owns 55 of the 200-odd shady mines in his constituency that covers the woodlands.
However, Gujarat police is failed to prove motive behind killing of RTI activist. Challenge before police is to determine the motive and the political pressure behind the killing of Jethwa. It’s clear that Amit was active on very large scale and he can not be eliminate on minor issues like police’s saying on their charge sheet that Shiva had problem with Jethwa on his mobile tower business and that is why he had given 11 Lakhs rupees to eliminate activist. it is foul play of police and they trying to save BJP MP Dinu solanki. Jethwa raised numbers of questions against MP Dinu solanki’s illegal businesses. Shiva is nothing but just a puppet of Dinu solanki. It is really hard to believe the motive of Shiva solanki.
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