Mastram Movie Review


Mastram Movie Review

Starrning : Rahul Bagga, Tara-Alisha Berry, Kapil Dubey
Director: Akhil Jaiswal

Akhil Jaiswal came up with an idea that was inspired by an idea that in Bollywood Saharukh and sensuality sell well.

This low budget movie may attract audiences from every age group who have passion for sensual pleasures. Mastram in the 80's and 90's was used to be porn booklet got huge popularity among growing youth. No one ever knew about the author or authors of the booklet, It was names "mastram"

If everywhere we encounter  movies  like dirty picture, mirchi, Ragini MMS which make their way to boxoffice and get good return on investment why not another B grade movie like Mastram that would surely sell upon its theme.

In 80's 90's when sexuality was more repressed books like mastram was perhaps a way to explore through the repressed sexuality of the youth. with advent of technology especially INTERNET the world has become connected place where we have access to all kind of reading, writing and viewing outlets easily available in the form of websites. Google like search engines have made this more seamless. our society has more opened up, things that were called taboo earlier are no more taboo as it seems as we have been in a tech-no-savvy society where things are changing dynamically.

It seems there is still a flare for such kind of literature which in the past would be in regional language while the language has become universal or global. Mastram kind of litrature or movie should strictly for those who have a sense of right and wrong. Lust is blind like love. May be love has eyes but lust is surely blind. If lust is not transmuted into a positive way it may ruin one's moral values.

This movie goes with a character Rajaram who eventually turns into mastram, Behind his transformation was his boredom, a boring job of a bank officer. Rajaram thought of getting rid of his boredom and writes sleazy literature with lots of sensual packaging which eventually got out for publication, it got overnight popularity and rajaram turns mastram.

These kind of movies with its sensual theme may appeal a certain stream of audience but I am sure it wont make an impression as a movie entirely picked up on a purely motivation theme.

Review By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : May 14,2014

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