Matt Damon Vedic birth chart Analysis

 Matt Damon Vedic birth chart Analysis

Not to mention that Matt Damon is one of a most renowned actors of Hollywood with Saving Private Ryan , Bourne series, Departed and so many other successful movies to his credit.

Lets Check his vedic kundli
He is born in the Khumbha lagna with lagna lord saturn in the 3rd house Aries. Lagna Lord in 3rd house signifies a person with strong communication and writing skill, Moreover a mind with a strong imagination mostly creative, Hence it is further proved from his career launch in “Good will Hunting, a movie where he won Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay for his work. He wrote it's screen play with his best friend Ben Affleck. He also got nominations as best actor for this movie.

His lagna has rahu aspected by mars and ketu from 7th house which tells he might have faced health related issues in his early years. Both mars and ketu along with Rahu influence the 7th house of Partnership,marriage, business, trade, fame.
His 8th house has Sun and mercury, as per vedic astrology 8th house is not a good house but as per observation 8th, 12th houses have deeper meanings attached to them. Some of the highly successful celebrities have planets in 8th and 12th house. 8Th house sun and mercury may signify a person deeply compassionate from heart. Generally 8th house planets make a person shy,profound thinkers and very spiritual as a soul. Sylvester Stallone has a cluster of planets in his 8th house. 8Th house is also a money house, it is also a house of re-generation or re-birth. 8Th house planets transforms a person through many inner deaths. Here death signifies death of the certain emotions or death of the restricted, self-injuring feelings.

9th house has venus and jupier, both are money planets or planets of luck. 9Th house in vedic astrology is a house of luck. Venus and jupier in 9th house is passport for a success.

His 12th house has moon, 12th house is a mystery house like 8th house, being a spiritual house the experiences that 12th house gives is from the hardships of life. 12Th house support artists, writers and some of the best writers in the world has 12th house influence.
In the next chapter we will analyse matt's Arudha Lagna

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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