Men and women react to cheating differently

Men and women react to cheating differently. Though men and women are the same humans, their psychological evolution over thousands of generations happened differently. Infidelity is something condemned in all religious scriptures but we cannot rule out the possibility of infidelity from our world.

Men see infidelity as sexual infidelity which gives rise to jealousy, anger, hatred and so on. Such incidents of infidelity result into break-up of relationship most of the times while sometimes such bitter incidents blossoms love from almost a very beginning. Knowing about his woman’s infidelity a man’s world may turn upside down, possibility of verbal or physical abuse towards the woman may take place but most likely the after effects infidelity varies as per reaction of two individuals remained in a relationship. Mature men deal it differently. One may watch his wife’s activities such as phone calls, messages very closely and most of the time they go forward to communicate the same with their wife in order to resolve the issue and mitigate their pain.

In case of women, emotional infidelity hurts them more than sexual infidelity. Women are psychologically evolved differently than men. Their reaction to infidelity is about their own insecurity. Years ago men were the only bread earners and women used to keep up with the administrative part of household affairs. Women were dependent over their men’s income. Things changed as time changed. An era has come where women are as successful as men in all spheres of life but even if they are independent they are still emotionally much attached to their men’s love. When they smell someone else has intruded in their private life a sense of emotional helplessness arises within them. They may feel lost, valueless as their importance gets challenged. They become more vulnerable and emotionally insecure.  


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