Micro-irrigation initiative by IDEI

Amitabh Sadangi’s brain child IDEI was thought of when he was working in the state labor department as a law officer, his dream was so overpowering that he left his secure job to start on his micro-irrigation initiatives and IDEI was formed.
International development enterprises (IDEI) is formed as a not for profit organization committed to provide solutions to hunger, mal-nutrition and poverty as stated in their website http://www.ide-india.org/ide/index1.shtml.  Mr. Amitabh sadangi, CEO of IDEI is behind the phenomenal success of IDEI and his socio-economic vision.
Recently he was awarded US$ 350,000 for Zayed Future Energy Prize 2010 by His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces while he was also awarded earlier as the social entrepreneur of the year by Schwab foundation.
IDEI which started with a handful of people is now an organization which employees 700 people, it has two research wings one in New Delhi and another in Bhubaneswar. Behind IDEI’s successful initiatives their research played a major role. They had the philosophy of creating products with a very low cost and high affordability.
As per Mr.Sadangi farmers should think beyond their daily meal, as they think beyond their daily meal they can think of the nutritional and education needs and this way they can change the quality thought. It is a very noble thought of great man like him who not only thought of doing well to the society but also manifested his high ideas and great thoughts.
Basically IDEI dealt with the idea of creating equipments which are technology based and ready to use for the farmers who have marginal land and moderate money. Treadle pump is developed for agriculture land in the eastern part of India where the water table is low while Affordable drip irrigation technology intervention is developed for lands in western India.
The most interesting thing about these micro irrigation equipments is their cost and the usage. Cost of these equipments is very affordable even by poor farmers with small lands. These kits save diesel cost unlike a typical diesel pump which is diesel-driven.
IDEI’s initiatives have helped in generating 1billion dollar income since its inception while till march they have sold 1.05 million kits. They have not only benefited the farmers or the agro economy also they have done a great job in limiting the agriculture-related usages of diesel and eventually carbon emission was reduced to a remarkable extent. As per estimates more than 500 million liters of diesel saved, 2 million tons of carbon emission reduced and some 9 million dollar worth of electricity saved.
Written by Dipti Prasad Padh

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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